Xtreme Duty Boom Pole

Xtreme Duty Boom Pole is manufactured for skid steer loaders and tractor loaders by Construction Attachments, Inc. These specialty attachments are designed to carry miscellaneous heavy loads with an open hook or closed lug.

Product Features:

  • For skid steer loaders and tractor loaders
  • Designed for carrying miscellaneous heavy loads
  • Ideal tool for pick-and-place operations under tight conditions
  • Open hook or a closed lug to suit your application
  • 84" Boom Pole
  • Available with 45" standard frame
  • 57" wide frame models also available
  • 1,800 lbs. Lift Capacity

Overhung loads on a boom pole will change the center of gravity for your machine. Load ratings will decrease from the published loads for buckets and forks. Ensure that your machine can safely handle loads lifted at 7’ forward of your hitch..