Ultra Duty General Purpose Bucket

Ultra Duty General Purpose Attachment is designed for rubber tire and rubber track host machines up to 130 horsepower. This bucket is available in 73", 78" and 84" models and comes standard with bolt-on side cutters.

Product Features: 

  • 1” cutting edge
  • AR plate wear strips
  • ¼” moldboard
  • Bolt-on side cutters come standard
  • 5/16” side plates
  • ½” side plate reinforcements
  • 5/16” top reinforcement
  • 5/16” bottom reinforcement
  • Excellent for high wear applications such as concrete, stone, driveways, and sand

Front edge options:

  • Bolt-on Side Cutters
  • Bolt-on Teeth and Bolt-on Side Cutters
  • Bolt-on Edge and Bolt-on Side Cutters