Severe Xtreme Duty Low Profile 4-IN-1 Multi-Purpose Bucket

Severe Xtreme Duty Low Profile Bucket 4-IN-1 Multi-Purpose Attachment is designed for rubber tire and rubber track host machines up to 130 horsepower. This bucket is available in 67", 73", 76", 80" and 84" with the following options: bolt-on large teeth, weld-on teeth, bolt-on cutting edge, bolt-on tooth bar and extended tooth bar.

Product Features:

  • For rubber tire or rubber track host machines up to 130 horsepower, and tractor loaders
  • Low profile for improved load visibility
  • Radius moldboard for improved material loading and unloading
  • Pre-drilled 6” x ¾” front cutting edge to accommodate all bolt-on options
  • Solid 6” x ¾” edge is attached to buckets with weld-on teeth
  • Reversible bolt-on edge standard for dozer section
  • Models include 67”, 73”, 76”, 80” and 84”

Front edge options:

  • Bolt-on Large Teeth
  • Weld-on Teeth
  • Reversible Bolt-on Cutting Edge
  • Bolt-on Tooth Bar
  • Bolt-on Extended Tooth Bar