Compact Root Rake Grapple - Tractor Loader Attachment

Compact Root Rake Attachment designed for tractor loaders.  Designed to handle a wide range of jobs for excavating roots, brush, rocks, and other debris to loosen and smooth the ground while leaving behind the soil. Also, used for transport of brush and debris. Grapple lids may also be used for back-dragging. Ideal for construction, agriculture, landscaping, industrial and many other applications.

Product Features:

  • For tractor loaders up to 50 horsepower
  • Avaialble in 60", 66", and 72"
  • Rake may be purchased with or without grapple
  • Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach
  • 1" Rake Tine Thickness
  • 2.25" Cylinder Bore
  • Hoses and couplers included

Designed for:

  • Excavating roots, brush, rocks and other debris
  • Loosen and smooth ground while leaving soil behind
  • Transport brush and debris
  • Grapple lid can be used for back-dragging